Enough with the pleasantries...let's get ugly.

I felt a deep sense of annoyance at my three children today. Did I mention that they WHINE constantly? I didn't tell you that? WELL!

I know that I'm not-so-hot with the multi-task thing; I get that. But at the same time...there are a few things that I need to do on the computer that need to get done. Things like emailing clients information when I say I'm going to, I can't put that off until the kids go to sleep.

Anyway, the whining: when we all first wake up in the morning, I prepare drinks for them. Now lets just say that I am not as sprite-ly in the morning as June Cleaver would be...which I'm usually not. So as soon as the boys start asking for their drinks, they start screaming and crying and WHINING for their juice - or chocolate milk - or whatever it is I'm making for them. Irritating!

I don't know lately. I think I'm PMSing. I know it may seem like I'm using that as an excuse, but I truly do get some sort of surge of hormones during this time that just makes me crazy! Anyway, I'm totally NOT balanced right now. That's all.


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