Let's be fair...Mommy vs. Saleswoman

I'm going to attempt to break down the pros & cons of each "character" or "player" that I experienced today. This is going to be tough...but we'll see how it goes.


  • Cute moment with Diego today...he said he loves me and is proud of me.
  • Got furious with the boys when they interrupted me on the phone...kinda blew a gasket.
  • Spent some quality time outside in the cool, Spring air. We played racecars!
  • Snuggled with my twins...so soft and squishy!
  • Missed the boys after being gone three hours.


  • Saved some wonderful women mucho money and gave them options to draw more customers.
  • Had to compete with HORRIBLE schedule conflicts with hubby and babysitter. Very stressful.
  • Got to do some pre-shopping for the big Saturday event at Peter's Path!
  • Worked way harder and longer on one sale than I anticipated...let the babysitter down by being late.
  • Truly enjoyed being in the field, helping small businesses save money.
  • Liked interacting with other adults.

I don't exactly know where that leaves the score...I was also a wife today...not a very good one with my pouting and fussing about stuff. Ergh. It was a good day and a bad day for both characters. I thought breaking it down might help me to determine where the lack of balance is. I'll have to try harder, sleep on it and recap tomorrow night and see if there are any recurring themes. 

That should work, right?

Balance baby! (or Bust.)


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