I must be channeling Dr. Temperance Brennan...

Okay, my analytical mind has either become absurdly more acute - OR - my mind is turning to sludge from watching too much Bones and I just think I'm getting smarter.

Who's to tell for sure? But here's one thing I do know. Today compared to yesterday was WAY better.

I mean, I didn't get a single sale (not yet), I must have visited 12 businesses and called two others, my sales contracts didn't get delivered and I missed my first appointment and didn't call to get another one. ("So exactly HOW could today possibly be better than yesterday," you ask.)

Because I had a great day with the kids! 

It's simply amazing how at one moment I'm pissed off because I can only spend a few short hours of the day making money and have to spend the rest of the day watching three annoying little kids, and the next moment I'm blissful and feeling all warm and fuzzy because we all had such a great afternoon playing outside with the neighbors.

It makes me question my priorities. I mean, it seems like a funny thing to wonder where family and career stand. Because in my point of view, I need a job to support my family, but I wouldn't need a job if I didn't have a family.

Now don't get me wrong, Tony has been an EXCELLENT provider these last two and a half years. But if we're really going to fulfill our dreams, I need to contribute too.
So here's how I think I made today better: although work was slightly disappointing, I got to do some window shopping and network with some great people. I remembered yesterday's blog post and tried to focus on my kids rather than multi-task. 

And that was HUGE.

So I guess I've found one new habit, one that will be difficult to form, but worth while. Instead of multi-tasking I am going to devote 100% of my attention to the things that I am doing, when I am doing them.

Work = 100% Work
Kids = 100% Kids
Tony = 100% Tony
Friends = 100% Friends
Housework = 100% Housework (did I just say that?)

That's it. And since I know it takes a full 28 days to implement and cement a habit, I'm going to make a conscious effort to focus intently on what I am doing, when I am doing it.

I think I'm getting closer to Balance! (or teetering so close to Bust I can't see the edge!)


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