Rough and tumble...

Okay, count "WWF Wrestler" as another of my characters. You can call me the Banshee Babe.

With Daddy off at work these past few nights, I've noticed some major build-up of energy in the boys. We went to the grocery store to get pizza stuff and they were everywhere...behaving nicely, but on the border of crazy.

We got home and the rain had stopped and the sun was shining brightly - they ==took off towards the back yard to climb trees and play race cars! After dinner, I don't know how it all happened exactly, but I found myself at the bottom of a four person stack with a booty in my face, someone tickling my feet and someone else smacking my booty. It was rough and tumble play at it's best.

After that, it just got crazier!

I donned a blanket over my head and when the boys least expected it I tore it off and screamed and chased them! We tackled and tickled and crawled around like crabs on caffeine!

It was....


....just what this tom-boy needed.


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