My First Reading Assignment

I have decided to read The Best Year of Your Life, by Debbie Ford...again. I've read it once before and felt like I truly benefited from it. It may be because of this book that I became conscious of the need for balance in my life. I mean, we all WANT balance...but becoming aware of it and then deciding to do something about it, well that's a whole other thing. And then, once you decide to do something about it, knowing where to start or what to do - I'm just glad this book was referred to me by a good friend.

I meant to read it while I was at the park with the boys. But they were all over the place like curly hair on a humid afternoon. I was partially bitter until I remembered our little wrestling match from last night. It was then that I took a deep breath and allowed myself to be a kid again. Instead of being the Mom that is paranoid and precautionary, I became the friend that encourages and participates. And I had fun!

Anyway, now that I've become more aware of my various characters in this so-called life of mine, I've been able to accept them and deal with them, even like them.

So, if you want to read along with me, it'll be fun, like a book club or something. If that doesn't float your boat, it's still a good book, I would recommend it to anyone. Quick and easy, here's the link to Amazon...


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