Smile, the wrinkles are worth it.

My friend from Sunday school gave me some lovely Dove chocolates. And I guess it's this new thing that Dove is doing by putting quotes on the inside of the wrapper. Wisdom from chocolate, great, now I'm even more motivated to eat it!

So the wisdom from my melt-in-your-mouth milk chocolate was, "smile, the wrinkles are worth it."

Well, all I have to say is Dermalogica: multivitamin power firm. I have laughed to fill my quota and guess what - I'm fighting tooth and nail to keep those wrinkles from showing off my jovial life! I would much rather tell some funny stories around the fireplace than look like this.

I'm a fan of should be too!

And that is from ME...and Mommy. We both want to look fabulous with age!

Balance or Bust!


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