As My Algebra Teacher Used to Say - "Plug n' Chug."

I hated algebra class. I was utterly lost nearly 85% of the time, therefore consulting with the smarter people around me 75% of the time and getting into trouble 70% of the time for talking. It sucked.

But her clever little verbology for entering numbers and working through the problem has stuck with me nearly 20 years. It basically means, enter a solution and work through it. If that solution doesn't work, input another. It's a fantastic recipe that takes failure, wraps it up in a devious disguise and pushes you on toward victory.

Discipline has been my algebraic equation for about, oh, the last five months. I don't know what to do with my kids! I'm a spanking Mama. Not afraid to admit that. But I'm also a time-out Mama, take-away-the-nice-stuff Mama, I'm even a try-to-talk-some-sense-into-an-irrational-4-year-old Mama. Some of these methods work some of the time. None of them work all of the time.

I find myself in the position of the "little engine that could." I keep plugging and chugging, repeating to myself, "I think I can (get this kid to behave), I think I can (calm this fit before it gets ugly), I think I can (get out of the store before my head explodes)."

So, thank you Miss Galbraith for leaving me with at least one bit of knowledge from algebra.

In the spirit of parenthood and in the pursuit of balance - I will continue plugging and chugging.


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