A Not-So-Up Kind of Day.

I'm PMSing. 

So OF COURSE I had a bad day at sales. I was moody, partially annoyed by my prospects and down on myself so I took a lot of "no's" in the face today.

In my neighborhood some of the kiddos had an argument yesterday, one of the neighbors scolded the kids and the parents of the kids got angry. One mom tried to vent to me and I simply ignored her: Basically bobbed my head and said, "mmm hmmm" every once in a while.

Then my kids started throwing food across the kitchen at dinner time and...I lost it. I sent them immediately to the bath, washed them, dressed them and sent them to bed without dinner.

I mean, sheesh! As if it isn't enough that my body feels like crap, but I have to have all these nutso mood swings and try to deal with drama from all sides!

I think "plug n' chug" may come in handy here. Maybe I should look for solutions to my PMS! 

I also had a great training call tonight for my job. Stupid stuff that I should know and apply as a salesperson, but that I tend to miss because of a comfort zone I've slipped into. 

Today's lesson: GET OVER IT! Each moment is temporary and it's worth it to make it good or get over it and make the next moment better!


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