Coming Soon - A New Me and Maybe a Book For You!

Usually I'm the type of girl to buy a box of hair color and have a girlfriend over to chat, drink wine and apply the potion to my head. (Maybe we should drink wine AFTER the potion is applied?) But I've opted to have a professional color my hair tomorrow. Why? Because she gave me a coupon for a free cut & style with any chemical service.

FREE???? Yes please!

But I've realized that it has been nearly a month since I've seen my two best friends. We used to get together once a week to exercise. But then one of them went out of town, then the other one went out of town as soon as she got back and then when they were both home I went and got a full-time job! So....needless to say, we've sort of lost touch.

So how am I supposed to gain balance in my life if I don't have any girlfriends to vent to? How am I supposed to keep my body in shape and keep my sanity if I don't exercise?

Well, I started reading. My dear friend from California sent me a gift card so I purchased several books with it. The latest I've read is by James Patterson, Sundays at Tiffany's. It was absolutely brilliant. I laughed. I cried. I was shocked at the end. It was wonderful and I would LOVE to star in the movie version!

So, what I would like to do is give away a few of these "escape from reality" gems to the ladies who read this blog! Here's how it will work:
1. Tell me what you do to find a little bit of balance in your life.
2. Tell me who you admire and wish to be more like...and why. (It can be anyone.)
3. Share my blog with one person - have them leave me a comment.

That's it! I'll give a book away to the first five people who respond!

In the's balance or bust!

What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or depressing subject matter - a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.


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Ever feel like the woman you used to be got buried in an avalanche and cut off from all human contact...almost like Tom Hanks in that one movie where he befriended a volleyball named Spaulding? Actually, he was plane-wrecked not buried...but anyway! The avalanche I'm speaking of (in my case) is Mommyhood, Wifeyhood and all the complexities that come along with being responsible for people other than yourself! I vow to spend the next year discovering, nurturing and sharing habits that will help me (and you) to find balance between being the woman we once were and being the June Cleaver of the modern day world. Here's to Balance...or Bust!

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