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June 6, 2010

I don't like that I can't write separate posts on these "pages" of mine. But, until I write to Blogger to help me out with that, I'll just have to deal, right?

Kind of like marriage, until we open our mouth and express our feelings, we just have to deal with "it."

Buddy, the Pastor at my church, spoke again about marriage. But he put a crazy spin on it that I hadn't yet come to know about. 

Being freshly married, I could totally relate to the sermon today and it touched my heart deeply. Actually, the correlation between our marriage to our spouse and our relationship with Jesus was shocking. I just never knew...

Women, generally, spend thousands of dollars on looking perfect for one day - their wedding day. Here's a list of things that I went overboard on (cost-wise) for my wedding:

*nylons (two pair, since I lost one and had to have my mom buy some the day of the wedding)
*necklace (custom made)
*earrings (also custom made)
*make-up (bought it myself & did it myself)
*hair (did NOT do it myself)
*hair piece

My "look" for the day ended up costing me well into four-digit figures.

So, why do we do this? Vanity? I don't think so. Peer-pressure? Not at my age. Cultural stigmas? Probably.

But for me, it was so that I looked beautiful for my soon-to-be husband. I wanted to take his breath away and etch that moment of me, being stunningly beautiful, into his head for the rest of his life. I wanted him to be proud of me and I wanted his heart to swell with happiness that he had picked me.

Now lets Take it from the guys side...a wedding is not such a big deal for them. They rent a tux which, by the way, comes with everything except underwear & a tee-shirt. They sit and drink soda and watch t.v. before the ceremony and all they have to do is stand there and wait. But Buddy informed me today, that even the most macho of men get choked up when they see their bride for the first time. (Yes! Just what I was hoping to hear!)

When the doors part and the bride comes into sight, grown men weep. They really do feel pride. Their hearts really do swell and the love they feel seems to grow exponentially with each step their bride takes.

now: Imagine Jesus as the groom. He's standing, waiting for us to walk down the aisle and when He finally sees us, He sobs and with each step we take closer to Him, He loves us more and more. He's proud of us and He wants nothing more than to have a happy, close, fulfilling relationship with us - but here's the catch: 

This relationship has no stipulation "till death us do part." 


He DIED for us so that we COULD have this relationship with Him, so that we COULD have God on our side. It is not at death that we will part, it is because of His death that we are brought together.

It just amazes me, breaks my heart, overwhelms me with joy and baffles my mind that God is so graceful and generous and loving. 

A special thanks to God and Buddy for opening my heart and my mind today that not only did I marry my one true Earthly love, but I have also married my Lord and Saviour and must nurture that relationship just as I would nurture my marriage here on Earth.

Glory to God! All praise and worship, all honor and love to You, Jesus. 



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