You Know You're Okay When...

A good friend of mine, Tommey, from my first church home, always spoke of her "weird God stories." 

Well, since I've become a Christian...I've had my fair share of weird God stories. But now that I've had so many - they're not that weird anymore, more like commonplace occurrences in my life.

Here's an example:

During the course of performing my new "job" I bumped into a very savvy, very accomplished business owner. He liked my style and offered me an opportunity within the first 5 minutes of me walking through his door. 

I returned home that day and told the hubby about the offer - which sounded incredible - then continued on my merry way doing my door-to-door sales gig.

Now, for nearly a month I had been trying to get a hold of him 
but always seemed to miss him somehow.

Well, the weirdest thing happened the other day (weird to you, but typical for me). I had just walked out of closing a $2,000 deal and I dialed the phone number to the savvy business owner I was just telling you about. I questioned myself afterward on why I would be motivated to do such a thing when I had just made so much money with my current position - well, all I came up with is, it's a God thing.

Anyway on this day, "savvy business owner" was the one who answered the phone. He immediately asked if I could meet up with him and another of his business partners who just-so-happened to be in town. I dropped my appointments for the day and rushed over.

Moral of the Story: It is to God's glory that I met up with Papa Llama and 
Jeff just a few days ago and am now the
Head of Sales for the corporation. 


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