Weighs and Measures

You know, balance has been an illusive critter. Let's think of the Great White Stag for a moment. If you've never read this book, I recommend it. I sat down at the book store the other day reading it and it was beautiful. 

Anyway, balance - like the White Stag - seems to be always near, but just out of reach. And it seems that whoever finds the White Stag becomes wise beyond their years or becomes ruler of a kingdom. I imagine that balance is the same way. 

Once you find balance, you become wise and can essentially rule the world.

I have yet to find it. But I'm hot on the trail. Things in my life are lining up. Each step I take has been leading me to a new place with more uncertainty but also with more promise of a dream come true.

So while I still strive for the goal of balance or bust, I'm quite positive that the adversities I'm encountering now will empower me for later...so that when balance does come my way, I can appreciate it even more and be wiser for having been through all this CRAP!


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Lost & Found

Ever feel like the woman you used to be got buried in an avalanche and cut off from all human contact...almost like Tom Hanks in that one movie where he befriended a volleyball named Spaulding? Actually, he was plane-wrecked not buried...but anyway! The avalanche I'm speaking of (in my case) is Mommyhood, Wifeyhood and all the complexities that come along with being responsible for people other than yourself! I vow to spend the next year discovering, nurturing and sharing habits that will help me (and you) to find balance between being the woman we once were and being the June Cleaver of the modern day world. Here's to Balance...or Bust!

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