Day Two - Some Me Time to Start the Day

Well, I got a nice jog in this morning with the girls. But not without a bunch of static from the hubby.

So not only am I fighting with my kids to get some me-time, I'm fighting with my husband too. Ergh! Does being a woman always have to be such a struggle? Why can't going for a jog be a simple thing?

A little background: Tony and I have only been married for like two weeks. Before we got married, I simply had to tell him I would be back in an hour...never had to tell him who, what, where, when or why. All of a sudden, my first morning back on the track and he says, "You didn't even ask me!" WHAT? ASK you? I never had to ask before...such crap.

Anyway, regardless of the emotional ramifications of taking this last hour to run with my two best friends, I feel physically AWESOME! My body has been longing to hit the trail and the high I'm on right now shall not be spoiled by a rotten husband. (Yeah, it's not even the kids whining's the big kid, Tony!)

Off to take a shower!

Balance or Bust!


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